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Born in the artists' village of Ein Hod. In his youth he was an assistant of Marcel Janco, Avraham Bazak and Uri Lifshietz. 

Ben Dov is  a multi- disciplinary artist; he uses all kinds of artistic medias such as painting, sculpture, Video-art and installations, all creating a primordial world that has a deep connection to the earth, to nature and to Israeli symbols.

Ben Dov's images stir up memories of ancient folktales and primeval landscapes and make them an integral part of our contemporary environs.
Ben Dov stirs feelings of goodness, beauty, and deep roots, constituents that encourage a more optimistic outlook toward the future.

Selected one person exhibitions

1994     Place, Tova Ausman Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1995     Children's drawings, Sharet Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1997     Nine Months, Farkash Gallery, Jaffa

1998     Road Signs, Beit Ha-Bad Gallery, Ein Hod

1999     Wheat, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1999     Pomegranate, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2000     Tzabar, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2001           Animals Stones Earth, Bar-David Museum, Kibbutz Baram

2002           Press House, Janco – DaDa Museum , Ein Hod

2003          Olive, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2005     Home, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2006     Together, duo exhibition with Mara Ben Dov, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007     Shepherd, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2008     Sad Moon, Dear Noga Window, Jaffa
2009     Artist (?), Ein Hod Gallery
2010     Langauge to Matter, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012       Icons, Engel gallery, Tel Aviv


Selected Group Exhibitions

1993      Sculpture in the little forest, Raanana

1994      3rd Sculpture Biennale, Ein Hod

1995      Galilee Stone 4, Maalot Tarshicha

1996      Artists-Messengers of Peace, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

1997      Miniartura, Center of Visual Arts Ghobio, Italy

1998      Where have we came from and where do we go to, Petach Tikva


1999      Drap-Art, Chuzot Hayotzer and Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem

1999      Hiriya in the Museum, Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

2000      Sitation, Petach Tikva Museum, Petach Tikva

2006      Quarry back to nature, Riding  power station , Tel Aviv
2007      You Won't See, Umm El- Fahem Art Gallery
2008      Ohavim Omanot, Galleries Opening season, Tel Aviv
2008      Signatorius, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008      "We shall clothe you in a dress of concrete and cement", Dana

              Gallery, Yad Mordechai

2008      And the Just Shall Live by His Faith (Art Jerusalem Fair), Jerusalem

2009      Street exhibition at Shapira Neighborhood.  
2010      And you don't have nothing without its place, Artists' House, Tel Aviv

Public Projects

2000       Sculpture  Park , Bar-Lev School , Petach Tikva




Original works by Yoav Ben Dov can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.





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