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Born in Haifa, Israel. a graduate of Hamidrasha art academy.

Hagai Argov's painting summons the viewer to a discussion about live, about the essence of the action of art, about history and object. His act of art is complicated. Its starts outside by acceding to a discarded object. an object that has been removed from its original goal. Argov's works hold turbid colorfulness which starts with light and color and ends up differently. The shape starts as landscape and continues its way into loosing shape, or on to another discussion about abstract.

Argov's works deal with casual banal while creating a complicated ambivalent system about the subject, there is a feeling that the landscape has been disturbed and out of the internal chaos, something different is coming up, elusive, a secret leveling its way but is being blocked, reveling and vanishing.

- Effi Gen, "Landscape is Like a Spring- Bord, an EngineThat Warms Up for a Drive".


Selected exhibitions of Hagai Argov:
1989  Young Artists, Kalisher 5 Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1990  Full\ Empty, Mini Exhibition, Omanut La'am.
1991  Group exhibition, Alternative Space, Tel- Aviv Drugstore.
1992  Who Ate My Pudding?!, The Israeli Art Museum, Ramat Gan.
1992   Personal Choice, The Bat- Yam Museum 
1995   Yes Sink, Sara Arman Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1996   Aprox Aprox, One person Exhibition, Third Eye Gallery, Kibbutz
1997   Portraits, Galleria Nehama Coffehouse, Jaffa.
1997   CV3, one person Exhibition, Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1997   Many Faces to a portrait, Bat Yam Museum.
1999   Home, The Yavne Art Workshop.
2000   Yes, Not, Black, White, Populous Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2001   Local Scenes, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
2002   Fencing Clearing, The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2003   Registered Mail, one person exhibition, Start Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2003   Facing the Caravan, The Beno Kaleb Collection.
2004   Partition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2005   Group exhibition at Art Expo, Geneva, Switzerland.
2006   Communication, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2006   Ishadama (Earth Man), duo exhibition with Batya Argov, Givat Haim 
Gallery, Givat Haim Ichod Kibbutz
2007   A.A.A. Argov Hagai- car agency ltd, One person exhibition, Artists
     House, Tel- Aviv
2007   The 1st sculpture bienale, Rishon Le'zion
2008   4 Landscape at 4 A.M, one person exhibition, Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2008   Signatorius, group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008   Ends, group exhibiton, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem 
2009   Eye 2 Eye, duo exhibition, the Art Gallery, Tivon
2009   The Good Place, Eutopia, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010   The Abstract Way, solo exhibition, Tzadik Gallery, Jaffa
2012   Transitions, solo exhibition, Artists House, Tel Aviv

Original works of Hagai Argov can be found in the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.

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