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Ovadia Alkara
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Ovadia Alkara

Yemen bride
Yemen bride



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Born-1939 as Abdulla Alkara in
Daliat El- Carmel, Israel. Studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. he traveles between Israel, Paris, New- York, Germany and the Netherlands.


Alkara's artistic journey began in his youth, when he resided in the artists' village, Ein Hod, where he was exposed to the works of leading modernist Israeli artists such as Mokadi, Rudi Lehmann and Marcel Janco.

Alkara's range of style developed over the years from oriental paintings of his Druse home town to neo- expressionism and neo- fauvism.


Alkara's art works reflect his search for artistic expression, his use of colors and dynamic brush movement create dense and rich compositions which distinguished by ornamental patterning of oriental carpets.

An interview with Ovadia Alkara, Dana Gilerman, Ha'aretz, 2008


Selected exhibition of Ovadia Alkara:

1964   One person exhibition, Ha'geffen Gallery, Haifa.

1965   One person exhibition, Dov Gallery, Philadelphia
1965   One person exhibition, Art Gallery, Ein Hod village

1966   One person exhibition, Sheskin Gallery, New- York.

1967   Group exhibition, Migdal David, Jerusalem.

1967   Group exhibition, Helena Rubinstein Pavillion, Tel Aviv Museum.

1968   Group exhibition, The American Israel Culture Foundation, New- York.
1969   Young Artists Around the World, Union Cabride Building, New York.

1970   One person exhibition, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv.

1970   One person exhibitin, Caravan Gallery, New- York.

1971   Group exhibition, Circulation exhibition, Art Galley of Ontario.

1972   Group exhibition, Art Fair, Zurich.

1973   Group exhibition, National Gallery, Ottawa.
1973   Group exhibition, State Museum of New- Jersey
1973   Group exhibition, Assoiciated American Artists, New- York.
1974   Group exhibition, Bochum Museum, Germany.
1974   Group exhibition, Tehilla Waldinger Gallery, New- York.
1975   One person exhibition, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1976   Group exhibition, Jewish Museum, New- York.
1977   Group exhibition, Palm Spring Desert Museum, California.
1978   Group exhibition, Wash Art, Washington D.C.

1978   One person exhibition, Engel Gallery, Jerusalem.

1978   Group exhibition, Gallery De Bourg, Lausanne.
1978   Group exhibition, Prince Arthur Gallery, Toronto.

1978   One person exhibition, Ray Landis Gallery, New- Jersey.

1979   Group exhibition, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

1980   Group exhibition, Art Expo, New- York.

1986   One person exhibition, Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Haifa.

1987   Group exhibition, Kunst Ausstellung, Dusseldorf.

1988   Haifa- A Portrait of A City, group exhibition, Haifa Museum of Art

1989   One person exhibition, Gallery & Edition A, Munich

1990   Group exhibition, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv.

1991   One person exhibition, The Lobby Gallery, New- York

1993   One person exhibition, Galerie Kotraste, Dusseldorf. 
1993   Self Portraits, Group exhibition, Klarfeld Perry Gallery, New York

1993   One person exhibition, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv 

1996   One person exhibition, Stealli Galerie, Cologne.

2005   Journey, One person exhibition, Okshi Museum, Akku. 

2006   One person exhibition, Felix Rengel Gallery, Dusseldorf.
2008   ID, group exhibition, Ein Hod Art Gallery 

2008   In A Small Format, One person exhibition, Ein Hod Art Gallery 
2008   The Search for the Lost City, group exhibition, Engel Gallery



Original artworks by Ovadia Alkara can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.



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