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David Breuer-Weil
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Born in London. Studied art at the St. Martin's School of Art  and at Cambridge University where he became involved with fringe theatrical and artistic groups. Between 1991- 1994 he lived in Israel and was the head of Department of Modern Art and Judaica at Sotheby's.

Breuer Weil is one of the greatest artists of the second generation since the School of London (the well known group of british artists as Francis Bacon, Lucian Fruid, Leon Kossoff and Frank Auerbach).

Breuer Weil has been known primarily as a symbolist, reflecting with humor an agonized world of the imagination. 
his work contains an entire vocabulary of visual icons that warn of the ramifications of recent history and the threat to the enviorment.

Breuer Weil's work explore in the most profoundly emotive manner the state of current civilization and the impact on the 20th and 21st century consiousness of recent history, whilst at the same time preserving archytypal thoughts and themes existing in the most ancient art.

Selected exhibitions of David Breuer Weil:
1985     One person exhibition, Central Library, Cambridge
1986     One person exhibition, Clare College, Cambridge
1990     Group exhibition, Ben Uri Art Gallery, London
1991     Large Figurations, Sotheby’s, London
1994     One person exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1994     Group exhibition, Sotheby’s Artists, London
1994     Group exhibition, Mizel Museum, Colorado, USA
1995     The Colour Blue, Boundary Gallery, London
1995     Art Multiple, Dusseldorf, Germany
1995     Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany
1995     Group exhibition, Galerie Mantoux, Paris, France
1996     Group exhibition, Sotheby’s Artists, New York, USA
1997     One person exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1997     Group exhibition, Boundary Gallery, London
1997     One person exhibition, Coningsby Gallery, London
1998     Painted Reliefs, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1998     Abstract Landscapes, Coningsby Gallery, London
1999     Group exhibition, E1 Gallery, London
1999     Fields of Dream – Drawings and Paintings, one person exhibition,    
            Boundary Gallery, London
2000     The Land, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2000     Adult Toys, Soho House, London
2000     20th Century British Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London
2001     Royal College of Art, Art on Paper Fair, London
2001     Project 1, The Roundhouse, Camden Town, London
2001     The Ben Uri Story – From Art Society to Museum, group exhibition, 
            Ben Ury Gallery, London
2001     Mary R, Bourne Fine Art, Edinburgh
2003     Project 2, The Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, London
2003     Extremes, one person exhibition, Boundary Gallery, London
2003     Project 11, The Bargehouse, London
2004     Parallel Worlds, Boundary Gallery, London
2005     Closing the Door? Immigrants to Britain 1905-2005,Jewish Museum,
2006     Breuer-Weil- Drawings, Lyon & Turnbull, London

2006     One person exhibition, Hampsted Theatre, London
2007     Group exhibition, Alon Zakaim Fine Art, London
2007     Codex, one person exhibition, Biblion Gallery, London
2007     Project 3, Ben Uri Museum, Covent Garden, London
2008     And the Just Shall Live by His Faith, Art Jerusalem Fair, Jerusalem
2008     The Vogue Landscapes, solo exhibition, Alon Zakaim Fine Art, 
2009     Anorexic Babes, solo exhibition, Hayek Contemporary Art
            Center, Jaffa
2012     Visitor I, solo exhibition, Golders Hill Park, London





Original art works by David Breuer- Weil can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.





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