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Shai Zakai
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Shai Zakai

Concrete Dress ( or self portrait)
Concrete Dress ( or self portrait)

Local\Global Memory
Local\Global Memory

Genius Loci
Genius Loci

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Born in Israel. Studied history of art at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Photography at Hadassah College in Jerusalem.  


Zakai is the the founder and the director of the Israeli Forum for Ecological Art, and holds an M.A. degree in Art and Environmental Policy. She has represented Israel in the Art Biennale in Korea and in art and environment exhibitions and symposia in Africa, Japan, Italy, China, the United States, and more.  She is a guest lecturer and curator in the field of ecological art


In her art works, Zakai is dealing with the relationship between nature and civilization; aesthetically – this relationship arouses interest and an aura of mystery. One hides the other, chokes the other, hidden drama.  One might pass by them on the sculpture path in the Biennale area and not sense this drama or recognize its aesthetics.  The choker and the choked are brought to Israel to share a box.


An article about Shai Zakai, NRG (in hebrew) 

Selected exhibition of Shai Zakai:

1988   Photographers Against the Strong Arm, Rega Gallery, Camera    

           Obscura Gallery & Tsavta Gallery.

1988   The Second Photography Biennale, Ein Harod Museum.

1990   Distant Intimacy: Armenians in Jerusalem, Jerusalem Theater Gallery.

1992   The 6th International Photographic Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.

1992   Vanishing Memory, one person exhibition, Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv.

1993   Photo Synkyria, one person exhibition, Photography Month in

          Thessaloniki,  Greece.
1994   Faces and Facets, one person exhibition, Herzilya Museum of Modern

          Art & Haifa Museum of Modern Art.        

1995   Faces and Facets, one person exhibition, Jewish Museum, Washington


1995   The Professional Photographers Association of Israel, Torino, Italy.

1997   Brain of the Braid- part II, one person exhibition, Bar David Museum.
1997   Brain of the Braid-The 4th Part of the Trilogy, HaKibbutz Gallery, Tel


1997   Ho Mama, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art.

1998   Faces and Facets, Fitton Center, Hamilton, Art Space, Lima, Ohio.

1999   Spots, Israel museum, Jerusalem.

2000   Millenium exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2001    Group exhibition, JFK University Arts & Consciousness Gallery,  


2002   Concrete Creek, 18th Street, contemporary art, Santa Monica, Los

          Angeles. U.S.A

2004   Geuamgang Art In Nature Biennale, Gong-Ju, Korea

2004   The Korean Environmental Art org., Environment Art Expo, Seoul, Korea

2004   Anima Mundi, Natural World  Museum, Herbst Exhibition Hall, San


2005   Forest Tunes- The Library, one person exhibition, The Engel Gallery,

          Tel Aviv.

2007   Flowers in Israeli art, group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2007   Books & Letters, group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2007   Weather Report, group exhibition, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art,

2007   Forest Tunes- Global Heath, one person exhibition, Ice Box Gallery,

2009   Local Photography, group exhibition, Chóngqìng Museum, China
2010   Foerst Tunes, one person exhibition, CCANW, Devon, England.



1985  The Gail Rubin Prize- Hadassah College, Jerusalem

1988  The Second Photography Biennale, Ein Harod Museum

2000 The artist-teacher prize, Ministry of education


Original works of Shai Zakai can be found in the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.





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