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Yaacov Agam
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Yaacov Agam

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Jerusalem of Gold
Jerusalem of Gold

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Born- 1928 in Rishon LeZion, Israel.  Studied at Bezalel Academy under Mordecai Ardon, than he moved to Zurich and Paris and continued in art studies.

Yaacov Agam's artistic work is one of the outstanding phenomena of European artistic culture since the Second World War. Agam occupies a place of primary importance in the great experimental area of relations between art and science. He has made himself known, in particular, by the visual kinetic experiments that he based on the psychology of perception.

Agam wants his works to exercise an action that is at the same time direct, stimulating and co-coordinating for the viewer's imagination. He seeks to unite with the moment of perception with the mental moment of imagination.

Agam has expanded the graphic arts beyond the limit of static images. Agamographs, named after its creator, are composition in which images change constantly. The images appear and disappear; the viewer never sees the whole picture at one time. With the creation of the Agamograph, Agam conveys the dimension of time, the fourth dimension. Agam has advanced, renewed, revolutionized and expanded the graphic art form. 

"Art is a mirror of reality. My intention is to create a work of art which would transcend the visible, which cannot be perceived. My aim is to show what can be seen within the limits of our ability to express coming into being".

for further reading:
- Sayako Aragaki, Agam: Beyond the Visible, 2007, Gefen Books, New York
  >> link to the online version of the book
- Frank Popper, Agam, 1990, Harry N. Abrams Publishers, New York. 
- Art & Judaism, a conversation between Yaacov Agam and Bernard 
  Mandelbaum, 1985, Keter Publishing (with the Engel Gallery), Jerusalem. 
- Homage to Yaacov Agam, 1980, Steimatzky's Agency, Jerusalem


Selcted one person  exhibitions of Agam:
1953 Galerie Craven, Paris
1956 Agam, Soto, abner, Galerie Denis René, Paris.
1958 Galerie Aujourd'hui, Paris
1959 Galerie Suzanne Bollage, Zurich
1959 Darian Gallery, London
1962 Galerie Suzanne Bollage, Zurich
1966 Marlborough- Gerson Gallery, New York
1971 Galerie Denis René, Paris.
1972 Graphic Works, Galerie Denis René, Paris.
1973 Retrospective exhibition, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris
1973 Maison de la Culture, Bourges
1974 Video- Art exhibition, Galerie Attali, Paris
1974 Hook- Epstein Gallery, Houston, USA
1975 Agam Selected Suits, the Jewish Museum, New- York
1976 Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City
1976 Museum of Modern Art, Birmingham, Alabama
1977 Janus Gallery, Wahington D.C.
1977 National Museum of Art, Capetown, South Africa
1977 The Museum of Pretoria
1978 Nahan Art Gallery, New- Orleans
1978 Electric Gallery, Toronto
1978 R.E.S Gallery, Antwerp
1978 J. Richard Gallery, Englewood, New- Jersey
1979 Harcourts Gallery, San Fransisco
1979 New Castle Regional Art Gallery, Austrlia
1979 Kolding Kunstforening, Denmark
1980 Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania, Austrlia
1980 Liatowitsch Gallery, Basel
1980 Queensland, Australia
1982 Circle Gallery, Pittsburg
1983 Circle Gallery, Chicago
1984 Laurence Ross Galleries, Beverley Hills
1984 From the 2nd, to the 3rd into the 4th Dimension, Clayton Art Gallery,
        st. Louis.
1984 Retrospective exhibition, Park West Galleries, Michigan
1985 Retrospective exhibition, Queen's Quay Terminal, Toronto
1985 Circle Gallery, San Diego
1986 Los Angeles Art Fair, Los Angeles
1986 Image à Mémoire Dynamique, FIAC exhibit, Paris
1987 Kahala Fine Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii
1988 Multi Dimensional Works, Galerie Denis René, Paris.
1989 Isetan Museum of Art, Tokyo

Selected group exhibitions of Agam:
1954 Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
1954 Grandes Toiles de Montparnasse, American Center for Students and 
         Artists, Paris
1955 Discoveries, Serigraph Gallery, New York
1955 Le Mouvement, Galerie Denis René, Paris.
1955 Structure, Galerie l'Ami des Lettres, Paris
1956 Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
1956 L'art Abstrait Constructing, Gallerie H. Matarasso, Nice
1956 Cinquante Ans de Peinture Abstraite, Galerie Creuze, Paris
1956 Architecture Contemporaine. Integration des Arts, Musée des Beaux
        Arts, Rouen
1958 Arts du 21 Siécle, Museum of Modern Art, Charleroi, Belgium
1959 Represents Israel at the first Biennale de Paris, Musée d'art
Construction and Geometry in Painting: from Malevich until
, Galeire Chalette, New York (and tour).
1960 Le Relief, Galerie 20th Siécle, Paris
1961 Bewogen Beweging, Stedelik Museum, Amsterdam
1961 Salon de Mai, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
1962  Modern Art Of Israel, Tokyo (and tour).
1963 Sao Paulo Biennale- prize for artistic research premier salon international
        de Galeries Pilotes, Musée Cantonal, Lausanne
1963 Art & Movement, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
1964 On the Move: International Exhibition of Kinetic Art, Howard Wise
        Gallery, New York
1964 Venice Biennale
1965 The Responsive Eye, the Museum of Modern Art, New York
1966 Primary Structures, the Jewish Museum, New York
1967 Art and Movement, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
1967 Art Contemporain, Pavillion de la France, Motreal
1968 Painting in France, 1900-1967, National Gallery, Washington D.C. and
        the Metropolitan Museum     
1969 Masterpieces of Modern Art, Galerie Denis René, Paris.
1969 Agam, Lifschitz, Zaritsky: Three Israeli Artists, Whitechapel Art
        Gallery, London
1970 first prize in the international festival of painting, Cagnessur- Mer
1971 Art & Science, Tel Aviv Museum, Isral
1971 25 Ans de peinture en France, 1945- 1970, National Museum, Seoul
1972 72 Douze ans d'Art contemporain en France, Grand Palais, Paris
1976 Grand et Jeunes d'aujourd'hui, Grand Palais, Paris
1979 Meissner Editions, Art Center, Hong Kong
1982 Le Totem, Musée de l'Homme, Paris
1986 Trend in Geometric Abstract Art, Tel Aviv Museum
1988 3rd International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, Taiwan


Famous Monuments:

monumental sculpture for presidential mansion, Jerusalem .

monumental sculpture for Parc Floral, Bois de Vincennes, Paris.

environment for antechamber of Elys'e Palace, Paris.

murals for American Telephone and Telegraph Company building, New York monumental water sculpture for the Quartier de la Defense, Paris.

memorial at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem for the victims of the holocaust.


The Engel Galleries are the representetive of Yaacov Agam in Israel, holding a large collection of original work, lithographs and sculptures by Agam.  

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