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Oded Feingersh
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Oded Feingersh


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Bottles on a Table

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Izrael vally

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Born in Jerusalem. Graduate of Bezalel Art Academy, studied art in Paris, Brussels & Madrid.

Feingersh's work ranges between social realism, naturalism, pop-art and surrealism. As a vagabond-artist, he draw endless influences from all around the world, his world is abundant with personal and collective mythology, classic and modern influences, from the medieval art to Hieronymus Bosch and Thomas Huffman.

Feingersh was one of the 10+ Group, which encouraged the artist to be more experimental, to use as much materials from all kinds of media and techniques. The group succeeded in introducing considerable freshness into the Israel art scene of the 1960's. 


Selected one person exhibition:

1964    Chermernisky Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1966    Tournesol Gallerie, Paris

1966    Montjoie Gallerie, Brussels

1967    Campo Gallerie, Antwerp

1968    Sala Amadis, Madrid

1969    Views of Fear, Engel Gallery, Jerusalem

1970    Psychic Drawings, Dugit Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1970    A secret Agent's Battles Against International Communism, Engel

           Gallery, Jerusalem         

1973    The Church, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

1975     Tel Aviv Museum

1977     Arta Gallery, Jerusalem

1978     Ella Gallery, Jerusalem

1979     Fontana Gallery, Stockholm

1982     Basel Art Fair, Tiroche Gallery

1982     Saphir Gallery, Paris

1983     Puffing, Radius Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2000     The last supper, Sara Erman Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2000     Landscapes, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2002     Narcissism, Sculpture Gallery, Ramat Gan
2007     Throught the Back, Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2002     Old & New, the Art Workshop, Yavne.

2005     Retrospective, Givataaim Theatre (curator: Doron Polak).
2007     Papers, Muncipal Gallery, Herzelya
2009     Color & Nature, Gal- On Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010     Film Noir bin Color, Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Ramat Gan
2011     Dialogue, Tal gallery, Kfar Vradim 

Selected group exhibitions:
1964    Youngsters 64, Painters Association, Tel Aviv

1966    Lefranc Prize, Maison de Beaux-Arts, Paris

1968    The Autumn Exhibition, Tel-Aviv Museum, Rubinstein Pavillion

1969    Venus (10+ Group), Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

1970    Graphic Exhibit, Engel Gallery, Jerusalem

1970    Mattresses (10+ Group), Dugit Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1971    Multiism, Ramat Gan Museum

1972    Artists' Choice, Painter Association, Tel-Aviv

1984    Tiroch Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1985    Alon Gallery, Jerusalem

1986    Weizman Gallery, Beer Sheba

1987    Basel Art Fair, Kishon Gallery

1988    Memad Katan Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1989    Goldman Gallery, Haifa

1989    Graphotek, A mobile Exhibition

1991    Interprint, Graphics, Lvov

1997    Salon D'Automne, Paris

1999    Biennale of Drawings, Taipei, Taiwan

2001    Biennale of Drawings, Lubliana, Slovenia
2001    Israeli Landscapes, solo exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2003    Partition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007    The Mountains are Round about Jerusalem, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008    Signatorius, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009    The Good Place, Eutopia, Engel Gallery, Tel Avvi



1966    Lefranc Prize for young artist, Paris

1976    Dizengoff Prize, Tel-Aviv 
1982    Stage design for ballet, “Psalms”, for the Kol Demama Company



Original art works by Oded Feingersh can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.

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