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A Cart in Paris
A Cart in Paris

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born in Jerusalem, a descendent of a 500 year- old Sepharadic Israeli family. He spent his early life in Italy and France, learning from the old masters like Giotto, Tician and the Expressionists.

From 1922 to 1925 Castel studies in the Bezalel Academy and in 1927 he arrived in Paris to attend the Academie Julien and Louvre Museum school. in Paris, Castel joined the intimate circle of the great artists such as Picasso, Matisse, soutine and Chagall and he participated in individual and group exhibitions in well known Parisian galleries and Salons. In 1936 he visited Israel with works of Soutine and Kisling, Chagall and others. He initiated the first ecole de Paris exhibition in the Tel Aviv Museum. In 1940 Castel returned from Paris and settled in Safad, in 1952 he returned to Paris and after few months later continues to New York.

Castel found the elements of his artistic message in a very long and very rich past. he is the son of a rabbi, a Torah calligrapher, whose family had had to flee the inquisition in Castile and had then returned to Palestine.

Castel belongs to that group of Israeli artists, who contributed greatly to the infusion of contemporary art to Israeli painting, both as a member of the New Horizons group and in his own in individual right, through his innovative creations.
The essential elements along all of his artistic periods are described as the "Metaphysics of matter". At the same time that he composes with signs going back to a calligraphic tradition that gives to the letter a kind of magical existence, this letter becomes an element in an artistic whole.

Castel's signs are often letters but without any idea of a text, mingled with invented signs with the sole aim of creating structure and rhythms that are artistic and nothing else.

Castel's paintings achieved great rewon; Many saw in them authenticity and inner aesthetics, modest but rich in color and integrity. Unlike his colleagues, who went to Paris to learn art and kept close to the Jewish artists and learning French art "second hand", Castel became friendly with non- Jews who came to Paris to cleave their path to honor and glory.
it did not take many years for the name of Castel to become known in Paris as an expert in the different techniques of painting.

for futher reading:
- Matt Zalen, "A Castel on the Hill", Jerusalem Post, 3.5.2010 
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Original artworks and lithographs by Moshe Castel can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.

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