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Reuven Rubin
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Reuven Rubin

Family and a Donkey
Family and a Donkey

African Violets in a Vase
African Violets in a Vase

The horse trainer
The horse trainer

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Born in Galaţi, Romania. studied art at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, Ecole des Beaux Arts and Academie Colarossi in Paris. All his life Rubin traveled between Romania, Paris, New- York and Israel.

Rubin is a central figure in the canon of Israeli art, who succeeded in defining modern Eretz Israel's visual essence,
famed- both in Israel and abroad.
when he first set foot in Eretz Israel, Rubin's dream was to create art which will link between European and Asian art, ancient Jewish and biblical folklore.

For some, Rubin seemed the epitome of the young, secular artist, realizing the Zionist dream and participating in the construction of the new city of Tel Aviv.
For others' the landscapes (especially from the 1930's onward) succeeded in capturing the mystical, spiritual aspects of Jewish experience, particulary the depiction of Jerusalem and its surroundings. 

Critic Emily Genauer described Rubin’s drawings as full of dynamic movement, yet simultaneously so perceptive and sensitive as to bring to mind nothing less than certain sketches by Rembrandt.

The New York American wrote: “Think of such an apocalyptic artist opening a
show in materialistic New York with the idea of possibly selling some of his pictures. It is preposterous and yet it is sublime. The very audacity of faith and despair may triumph at that.”

In the Sunday World, this graphic description of the painter appeared: "Tall, gaunt, with a wave of black hair, incandescent black eyes, sideburns down his hollow cheeks, and a small, thin round mouth, Rubin reminds us of the bullfighters painted by Ignacio Zuloaga. He speaks as if tormented by some distress and his painted words burn like a stream of lava.”

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Original art works and lithographs by Reuven Rubin can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.

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