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Born in Tel Aviv. Studied art at the Avni Institute and at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Nili Pincas makes unique clay sculptures; The strength, the extraordinary presence, the mysterious fascinating power of her terra cottas all originate from the clarity or from the purity of the purpose.

In her work, there is neither sophisticated calculation, nor naiveté, but a way to remain as close as possible to life, to catch up the most humble and smallest of family joys in order to get, thanks to this exact adequacy with oneself, some kind of communicative plenitude

Pincas has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in Europe and the USA, including the Pompidou Center in Paris, and Musée de Dole.

Selected exhibitions of Nili Pincas:

1981   Solo exhibition, Galerie Gérard Laubie, Paris
1982   Atelier 81-82 ARC, Group exhibition, Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris
1982   Terres, group exhibition, Centre George- Pompidu, Paris
1982   Salon de Mai, Espace Cardin, Paris
1983   Terres, group exhibition, écoles des Beaux- Arts, Bourges
1983   Expression Terre, group exhibition, Faenza, Italie
1984   One person exhibition, Art Objet, Grand Palais, Paris
1984   La Sculpture est une fête, Château de Nointel Créer la Terre, Romilly
          Sur Seine
1985   Les Têtes de l'Art, group exhibition, Galerie Gérard- Laubie, Paris
1985   Figuration Terre, group exhibition, Château de Grignan, Paris
1985   La Sculpture est une fête, Château de Vascueil
1986   Terre de France, group exhibition, Museum Van Bommel, Pays- Bas
1986   Hommage à Picasso, Galerie Artutude, Paris
1987   One person exhibition, Mac 2000, Grand Palais, Paris
1988   6000 ans de poterie, Musée de Château, Montbéliard
1988   group exhibition, Galerie Complément d'objet, Rouen
1988   group exhibition, Main de Maître, Grand Palais, Paris
1989   L'Europe des Céramistes, Auxerre, group exhibition, Château de
          Joinville, Hangueneau, Madrid, Linz
1990   Art Céramique Français, Galerie Desko, Kortemark, Belgique
1990   group exhibition, Galerie Pluriels, Deauville, France
1990   group exhibition, Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris
1990   One person exhibition, Galerie Spona, Paris
1991   Hommage à Bernard Palissy, group exhibition, Musée des Arts
          Décoratifs, Paris
1991   group exhibition, Galerie Madleine Fraque, Orléans
1991   group exhibition, Galerie Kellart, Paris
1992   group exhibition, Galerie Epona, Paris
1992   One person exhibition, Mac 2000, Grand Palais, Paris
1993   La Fête, group exhibition, Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris
1993   Terre, group exhibition, Salon d'Octobre, Brive
1993   Salon de Maard, Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris
1994   Salon d'Octobre, Brive
1994   Joyeuses Paques, group exhibition, Galerie Treger, Paris
1995   Les Peintres en Font tous un Plat, group exhibition, Galerie Lefor
          Openo, Paris
1995   One Person exhibition,Galerie Spona, Paris
1997   One person exhibition,Galerie Treger, Paris

1998   51 Salon de Vanves, guest of honor
1998   Saga, Galerie Michéle Guérin, Paris
1998   One Person exhibition,Chana House, Ramat Gan, Israel
1999   Bestiaire, group exhibition, Galerie Complement d'Objet, Rouen
1999   group exhibtion, Galerie Hamelin, Grenier à Sel, Honfleur

2000   One person exhibition,Galerie Ovadia, Nenci
2003   One Person exhibition, Galerie Michèl- Emiliani, Drôme
2004   One person exhibition,Centre de Creation Ceramique, La Borne
2004   4 Israelis in Paris, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2006   One Person exhibition, Galerie d'Art Contemporain, Chamalières
2008   Duo exhibition with Moreno Pincas, Galerie Emiliani, Drôme


Original works by Nili Pincas can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.



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