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Current Exhibition

The Sonic Signature of Substance (11/04/2019 - 18/07/2019)

Visual creation studied the image of the sound since its first days, as creation deals with language and communication.

The ancient musical sound was of the first interpersonal communications through which ancient men could pass information, knowledge and experience which were a top priority of survival and daily existence. When the image was added, the sound became an outline to it. So, language was beginning to form.
the transferal of knowledge for survival became available, so around the campfire the story and the myth was able to develop.

The Hindus sees in the sound of "Om" the representation of primordial energy from which all was created and in the bible is written: "And God said, 'Let there be light.'" Meaning the sound of speaking is described as the energy of creation.

The study of sounds affects our lives in many aspects: medical, physical, chemical and so on.
The science of Cymatics (from Greek = wave) examines the influence of sound on material. It is a science which grows and gathers more and more research and proof along the years, and though much of it is still a mystery, many claim it is the science of the future.

The sound is a constant vibration. All atomic particles and molecules in the universe are in constant motion and release electrical waves which move the matter they make (water or air for example) and change the space around said matter. In result, all material in the universe, from the incomprehensibly big to the smallest particle, are creating sound.

In this exhibition we create the connection between the sound and the image, between the melody to the story of modern and contemporary Israeli art.
Featured Artists:

Yaacov Agam, Hagai Argov, Yoav Ben Dov, Marc Chagall, Toby Cohen, Moshe Elnatan "The King of Falafel", Nahum Gilboa, Jack Jano, Mane Katz, Pinchas Litvinovsky, Malachi. Jonathan Ofek, Nubuya Yamaguchi, Shalom of Zefat "The Zeigermacher"

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