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Shmuel Engel, known by his artistic name, Malachi, Born in Mezocast, Hungary. Immigrated to Israel in 1946 and settled in Jerusalem. Six years after the move to Jerusalem he opened one of the first galleries for avant-garde painting in Jerusalem. Over the years he opened more galleries in Tel Aviv, the USA and in Canada.


For over 50 years Malachi has been working passionately, in solitude and in near-underground secrecy, as if external to the local scene. Being an observant Jew, who is primarily influenced by music and sound. that became the key themes of his work over the last five decades.

Even today, in his advanced age, he continues to draw with passion. And in the galleries he owns in
Israel and abroad, he continues to exhibit the works of painters for whom art is their life and their faith.

Selected exhibitions of Malachi:

1961   One person exhibition, Dugith Gallery, Tel Aviv

1962   Group exhibition, Spring Exhibition, Gallery 220, Tel Aviv

1962   one person exhibition, Rina Gallery, Jerusalem

1964   Group exhibition, Israel Art Exhibit, New York

1965   One person  exhibition, Rina Gallery, Jerusalem

1966   One person  exhibition, Massada Gallery, Tel Aviv

1967   Group exhibition, Wilson Art Gallery, Washington

1967   Group exhibition, City Art Gallery, Manchester (England)

1967   Group exhibition, Museum of Art La Jolla, California, Bergman Collection

1971   Group exhibition, Spring Exhibition, Engel Gallery, Jerusalem,

1973   One person exhibition, Shatz Gallery , Jerusalem

1975   Group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Jerusalem Hilton

1976   One person exhibition, Ribenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

1980   Group exhibition, Engel Gallery, New York

1982   One person exhibition, Engel Gallery, New York

1985   Group exhibition, BLD Gallery, New York

1993   One person exhibition, BLD Gallery, New York

1994   Group exhibition, Galerie Mantoux Gignac, Paris

1999   One person exhibition, Galerie Mantoux Gignac, Paris

1999   Group exhibition, Salon d’Autonne, Paris

2000   The Millennium Exhibition, Group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2000      One person exhibition, The Artist House, Jerusalem.

2002    Antifacism, Group exhibition, The Salzburg train station , Salzburg.

2003   Partition, Group exhibition, Engel Gallery , Tel Aviv

2003   Group exhibition,  Salon d’Autonne, Paris

2004   White on Black, one person exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2006   Flowers in the israely Art, Group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2007   Books and Letters, Group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2007   The Mountains are round About Jerusalem, Group exhibition, Engel

2008   Signatorius, group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2008   Sur le Thème du Désert et de la Musique, one person exhibition,
          Gallerie Art Montparnass, Paris.

2009   The Good Place, Eutopia, group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv

Fogg Art Museum of Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass
Philadelphia Museum, Philadelphia
Smithsonian Institution, Washington
Museum of Modern Art, Miami
Brooklyn Museum, New York
Museum of Art La Jolla, California
Lowe Art Gallery, University of Miami
Tel Aviv Museum  Of Art , Israel.
Bergman Collection, New York
Hanley Collection, Bedford, Pa.
Michael Steinhardt collection , New York




Original art works by Malachi can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.




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