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Toby Cohen
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Toby Cohen


Mincha Prayer
Mincha Prayer

Flying Succah
Flying Succah

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Born 1979 in London. A graduate of UWE in Bristol.

In his panoramic photographs, as well as his staged photography, Cohen captures the profound and unique ancient history of mankind in Israel, perusing the Maimonides saying that  “enlightenment and divine experience can come through the rational mind or through experiencing Nature”.

"The first time I met Toby Cohen, several years ago, he still used to present himself as a proud hunter-photographer of the old school, named by the media as paparazzi.  

However, his obsessive curiosity along with the search for his Jewish identity set him on an intriguing route: he has been taken by the landscapes of Israel, yet at the same time attracted to the erotic magic born out of the combination of youth, uniforms and potency.
His close-ups of soldiers and female IDF combat unit fighters are also an attempt to define himself in relation to them.

As a field photographer he is drawn into the photogenic and dramatic subjects, through which he feels as well as moves the beholder.

For a better understanding of his impression of Maurycy Gottlieb's painting "Jews praying on Yom Kippur" he reconstructs the scene and resets it, and in a last-minute decision sets himself as the tragic artist.
From there the road to the characters hovering above, representing the efforts to reach higher spheres, is short, and the combination of Jewish mysticism and the technology of digital photography – intriguing

The Sky is the Limit
, Micha Bar-Am , exhibition text, Cherubim & Angels, 2010 

Original artworks by Toby Cohen can be found at the Engel Galleries Israeli art collection.

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