Engel Gallery Tel Aviv is happy to invite you to a group exhibition
New Spring
In which we observe the concept of Renewal in the different aspects of the Israeli Art.

“Obelisk – Dever” (death of the livestock from the ten plagues) Avner Sher’s 2014 big-bodied artwork simulates the Egyptian obelisks, made of cork, painted with fire, engravings and cuts.

Miri Davidovitz, fashion and advertising photographer shows the “Olive Grove” (2014), a photo of great dimensions which shape shift in the light and change the landscape before our eyes.

Yoav Ben-Dov, “Flower in Stone” (2007), Creating a three-dimensional flower chiseled in stone , like a hint of the future in which the flower will be a fossil , a guiding sign for the generation that will see nature only as an archaeological memory .

Jack Jano presents “Love” (2014), a sculpture that plays with the submitted material and the absence of material, in which Jano places a city of blue stained glass and below it the word “love” out of blue stained rusted iron. The sculpture itself is supported by two massive wheels, which causes the viewer to wonder on the stability of the transparent city supported by love.

Malachi, a 95 year old artist that exhibits “Violets” (2004), painted with oil pastels on paper, showing the reflection of materials on each other.

Toby Cohens “Enlightenment” (2011) is a very large photograph depicting the exodus in a mysterious composition in which characters that may seem as scarecrows dressed in East European clothes are shining as ones whos freedom is ahead of them.

Mordecai Ardon “Bird” (1947), a rare work of the senior Israeli artist depicting the phoenix rising from the flames of the Holocaust in Jewish Europe.

Marcel Janco, “The Hookah Smokers” (40’s), describing the inhabitants of a land through the gentle eyes of an international artist who arrives at the Levant and describes his surroundings in this colorful new landscape.

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