In Prometheus, we exhibit Bergel’s realistic paintings, whose inspiration is drawn from journalistic photographs as well as iconic and nostalgic folk imagery such as: Hiroshima’s atomic explosion, The uranium reactor in Isfahan, Iran, a pilot ejecting from an exploding plane and an image of a canary taken from a 60’s collectible card booklet.

Bergel’s paintings deal with the thin line between life and death, between useful technology to war machines.
Like the mythological Zeus who punished mankind by taking away the fire which Prometheus gifted them, Bergel prompts us to look upon the instruments and machines we hold and asks us to internalize their potential and consequences – both good and bad.Prometheus is a super realistic exhibition on surreal subjects, worlds of beauty opposing the horror as we experience the reality of our lives, the will of the individual and society to a life of peace and sanity, and at the same time loaded with violence and destruction sprouting from all over.