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The Engel Gallery exhibits Iron Flock & Assets as part of the Jerusalem Biennale, an exhibition dealing with the inalienable assets of both Israeli art and the Engel Gallery. The exhibition is divided into two floors: in the gallery’s entrance and ground floor are Menashe Kadishman’s iron sculpture – sheep sculptures will be strewn across the space as a herd, and in the center of the installation the shepherd looking over the herd. On the 2nd gallery floor, artworks from the gallery’s collection by the masters of Israeli art through the ages are exhibited. Rare artworks which constitute the Engel Gallery’s uniqueness in the Jerusalem and Israel scene. Among the artworks exhibited Beat Their Swords by Abel Pann (1940), War of Independence by Avigdor Arikha (1948), Moses From Sarajevo by Arie Aroch (1955) and more.