Current Exhibition

Zaritsky At The Tel Aviv Artists House

The Engel Gallery & The Tel Aviv Artists House invite you to a thorough and comprehensive new exhibition of Joseph Zaritsky’s watercolors from the Engel Gallery collection.

The Engel Gallery collected and exhibited Zaritsky’s artworks since the 1950’s, and the collection was on display in museums in Israel and abroad both in solo and group exhibitions. Arieh Berkowitz, the director of The Artists House (which is named after Zaritsky) and the curator of the exhibition, whose an admirer of Zaritsky and is acquainted with the gallery’s collection, initiated a rare opportunity for a collaboration; On display in this unique exhibition at The Tel Aviv Artists House are Zaritsky’s watercolors through various periods, from his arrival to Erez Israel and to his later artworks.
Alongside Zaritsky’s paintings in the exhibition, rare photographs of the artist photographed by the renowned art photographer Avraham Chai, who documented Zaritsky’s life and career for a while.
Press here to view to the exhibition.

At the same time as Zaritsky’s watercolor exhibition at the Artists House in Tel Aviv, in The Engel Gallery Jerusalem we exhibit a new exhibition of The New Horizons group’s artists which Zaritsky was of its founder and creator. An important oil painting of Zaritsky is displayed alongside unique and rare paintings by Arie Aroch, Marcel Janco, Yochanan Simon, Moshe Casel, Yehezkel Streichman, Avigdor Steimatsky, Yehiel Krize, and Jacob Wexler.
Press here to view to the exhibition.

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