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White on Black (14/05/2004 - 09/07/2004)

During my morning walk, where I train my body, I also train my mind and my soul. One morning, without any prior warning, an enormous collection of white pages appeared. A single sentence was printed on all the pages: “I accuse!”

Malachi, you have been painting me with black for over fifty years, without having once tried to paint white on the black. You must surely understand fully well that black is an egoist and inconsiderate of others, it likes to cover everything under its wing and thereby radiates a conquering, domineering and enveloping energy.

I have one huge request: turn the tables. I shall fill the role of black and I promise that all my movements and emotions will fit black. I shall dance on it, sing songs, hug it and smother it with kisses, so that the entire artistic side will be emphasized.

And from this great love I hope and pray that a love will be born that brings people closer to each other and to nature. Then will many more people understand art and take an active part in painting and music, their love for Bach, Mozart, Picasso, Chagall, Bernstein and other great artists will grow.

Malachi, Jerusalem 2004.

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