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Shmuel Malachi


From the Sound of Music to the Sounds of the Desert (20/01/2004 - 19/02/2004)

In 1950 my family and I settled in Jerusalem, which at the time was divided between the Jordanians and Israelis. The dividing wall traversed the two parts of the city, my city, the city that I loved. And the city developed before my eyes: the Israel Museum was built, the theater, the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus and on Givat Ram, and more.

In 1967 I witnessed a wonderful moment when the two parts of the city were joined. I explored every neighborhood and every corner, breathing in the special atmosphere of the city and connecting to thousands of years of Jewish living in the capital city. I painted it length and breadth, everywhere and with great love.

The window of my home has a view of the Mount of Olives, which inspires me with strength and the ability to look at Mount Moriah (Temple Mt.). Thanks to this view I am able to paint the Temple Mount, the hills of Jerusalem and the hills of Judea that appear to be covered with grains of gold and the rocks like the sands of the sea.
During my recent trips in the hills of Jerusalem, the Judean desert and the Dead Sea I found it difficult to paint because I was unaccustomed to the harsh desert light. When I became used to the fierce light I was able to see the beautiful play of thousands of colors, shades and hues. The desert hills have strong character and remind me of the pillars and castles of medieval times, but they are in fact the creations of nature, of the wind and rain. At the foot of the hills lies the Dead Sea in all its glory, its colors changing from pale green to pale blue. All these sights and all these sounds captured me as the magical sounds of the desert.

Jerusalem, 2004


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