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Mother and Son Together (24/02/2006 - 31/03/2006)

This is an exhibition emerging from bravery; from the vast symbolism of various ways of expressing the singular.

Rachel laments her sons; Hannah avenges.

The mother is the life-generating power, she is the main resource in our world for creating new life. This is the source of the power and the force that will engender the whole, the same fetus growing in the womb, which she herself carries for nine months.

She alone can give birth to it and create perfection - man.
The son is a continuation, he is the one given the choice between good and evil, he can choose to continue in the path of all living creatures, or in spirituality.
Cain and Abel or perhaps that blind compliance of the scapegoat brought to the stake.
But what mother would surrender her children?
Solomon's Trial: two women, a baby and a king and only the true mother will not surrender motherhood but not life.

The son, be he stubborn and rebellious or pure and white, will revolve around the mother - Hagar or Rebecca.

Arm in arm they will create the whole.

She who carried him inside her, and he who will continue the renewed creation on the next Great Mother.

Gavriel Engel

Mother & Son Together- Invitation

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