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Past Exhibition

Artists showing:
Adar Eilat
Alkara Ovadia
Ardon Mordechai
Argov Hagai
Bak Samuel
Ben Horin Noam
Ben-Dov Yoav

Bergner Yosel
Bezalel Aharon
Bezem Naftali
Bilan Richard
Elnatan Moshe
Feingersh Oded
Feldman Yacov

Fogel Alejandro
Gilboa Nahum
Idit Godik
Janco Marcel

Pann Abel
Rubin Reuven
Rubin Zahara
Zakai Shai

The Search for the Lost City (29/2/2008 - 30/4/2008)


After coming back from a long stay in South America and in Europe, Yochanan Simon wrote that “journeys should be a part of a contemporary artist”. Simon, like the other artists showing their work in the exhibit, is a vagabond-artist, for whom the journey and the search are an inseparable part of their life and creation. It’s possible, of course, to link this to the fact that the Israeli society is a society of immigrants that sometimes have trouble finding a permanent land. But this wandering can also be related to as a universal experience engraved in human life, which symbolizes the process of a man’s development and study for the purpose of achieving spiritual perfection.


The exhibition shows various representations and interpretations of journeys. The search begins with Ovadia Alkara, traveling through the urban jungle post September 11th. He wishes to create his own fantastic world in the depths of the New York subway. Hagai Argov exhibits a dark and expressive work symbolizing an escape from the stressful urban setting and into faraway and enigmatic places; his painting brings back memories of the Norwegian artist Munch’s melancholy fjords. Shai Zakai, Oded Feingersh, Noam Ben-Horin, Alejandro Fogel and Zohara Rubin exhibit a journey that steps beyond the boundaries of time, into a mythical reality.

The journey continues with entering magical and imaginative worlds – this is a journey to a lost childhood: Yoav Ben-Dov’s "Adaia" is a modern version of Dorothy, wandering through the Land of Oz and meeting strange, fantastic and threatening creatures that join her journey. These creatures actually represent an important part of the heroin’s mental, sexual and spiritual maturity.

The end of the journey can sometimes be tragic. It is so in the works of Smuel Bak, Malachi and Naftali Bezem. On the other hand, for some artists the ending leads to contact with holiness sublimity: Yoav Ben-Dov, "The Philosophers’ Stone"; Abel Pan, "Childhood Town" and Nahum Gilboa, Jerusalem.









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