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Vestalia, Esther Beer Percal

Self Portrait, Jack Jano
Self Portrait, Jack Jano

Bed- Yoav Ben Dov, Kai Ben Dov & Berry Sakharof
(a detail from a video) 

The Invisible Self Portrait (08/08/2008 - 12/09/2008)

The exhibition observes at nine artists, who deal with constant investigation after their close environment. For these artists, who tend to physical mortification and seclusion, the exposure of the intimate space is not a thing of no importance.
This exposure creates a constant struggle between the experience and private action and the final outcome, which is exhibited on the museum's space, which arousing a feeling of alienation.

Each of the artists is placing in the center of his work a signal object, almost totemic, which serves as the "significant other", and which ratify his identity and his present- absent existence.

A separate space is devoted to each of the artist, which illustrate the tension between the intimate and the public sphere.
Will the artist could make a home of a wall? Could he bridge the gap and create a close relationship with the observer? 

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