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Past Exhibition

Nude (The Entombment), Jacob Feldman

Self Portrait with a Snake, Eilat Adar

The Key, Jacob Feldman

God Must Be Joking (18/09/2008 - 1/10/2008)

The Engel Gallery is proud to present a duo exhibition of the artists Eilat Adar
& Jacob Feldman.

Adar and Feldman maintain in their work a dialogue with ritual and mythological symbols and images. Jewish symbolism interweaved with Christian, pagan and even samurai symbols. This variety of symbols creates a world of collective signs which stroke roots in human culture over thousands of years.

The work of the two makes one wonder about the significance of faith in an age where the human mind is bombarded by thousands of chaotic messages – has religion turned into some sort of a supermarket offering an infinite reservoir of faith and ritual possibilities.

Eilat Adar is a graduate of the Haifa University Department of Arts. Currently she lives and works in Boston, USA, to where she relocated after receiving a scholarship. After completing her studies in Haifa, Adar traveled for the first time to India, a destination which was not yet that popular during the 1980s. In India, Adar encountered Asian mythologies and started studying their symbols.
Adar developed a meditative painting technique called Saturi, executed at the moment of awakening. Some describe it as a sublime, ecstatic and even orgasmic moment. Adar's works always refer to an intimate moment. The study of ritual symbols is in fact a self-study of the artist.

Jacob Feldman was born in Vitsebsk, Russia. He immigrated to Israel as part of the immense immigration wave of the early nineties and settled in Jerusalem. Unlike many immigrant artists who have discovered the "Israeli Light", Jerusalem made Feldman feel perplexed and helpless. Over the years his works have increasingly become darker and vague. Although he tends to present himself in exhibitions abroad as an Israeli artist and not as a Russian one, there is no doubt that the cultural heritage he brought with him from Russia: plentitude of mythical, ritual and legendary contexts – are foreign to the Israeli public.
Feldman presents in his works a visual, verbal and conceptual game. His works are based on the art of illusion (trompe l'oeil) and open a door to countless meanings and interpretations.


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