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Past Exhibition


Ofer Lellouch

Jan Rauchwerger

Jack Jano

Yoav Ben Dov


Yaacov Agam

Richard Bilan

David Breuer Weil

Aharon Bezalel

Zahara Rubin

Lev Stern

Yonatan Ofek

Nili Pincas

Isaac Kahn

And Now... Sculpture (19/03/2009 - 15/05/2009)

The exhibition presents the current status of an elusive and almost extinct medium, and offers an interpretation of the evolution this medium has undergone in Israeli art. The three artistic generations whose artworks are displayed in the exhibition blaze the trail of the medium's development to the point of its total assimilation within the wider framework of art making – whether in painting, photography, video, or installation.

The choice of the artists, who do not necessarily define themselves (or others define them) as sculptors, emphasizes the fact that turning to a sculptural language is an inevitable move in an artist's oeuvre.

For artists, the essence of art creating is molding content into shape, embodying content, embodying the spiritual within the material – which is the basis of sculptural principles (a typical example is Michelangelo's Slaves, that became the symbol of the philosophical – religious dilemma of art making).

The exhibition seeks to emphasize the significance of various artistic uses of materials by different artists. Whereas the 'classic' artists were limited in materials as well as in opportunities to create, the availability and the low costs of materials nowadays offer the artist a tremendous amount of freedom in his creative process. The inexhaustible supply of materials that art can provide today enables an infinite variety of experimental innovations and experiences, making the material vagueness and expanding its limits – whether by sculpturing in glass, plastic, metal, video, and even sound. Working with materiality, as demonstrated by the artworks of all three generations – from pioneers to present day – indicates that it might seem that sculpture is disappearing, and maybe even does not exist any more as a medium of its own, but its principles form the base of the current artistic language.

The very act of imbuing materials that art can offer today – mainly everyday objects – with content and spirit demonstrates the assimilation of the principles of sculpture everywhere, and the fact that every artwork is, first and foremost, a sculpture.


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