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Past Exhibition

Yoav Ben Dov
Eytan Heller
Amir Weinberg
Oded Feingersh
Toby Cohen
Howard Fox
Jacob Feldman
Hagai Argov

The Good Place, Eutopia (27/05/2009 - 16/07/09)

In the spirit of European Romanticism – whether from an aspiration to join a mystic-religious tradition or whether from an escapist impulse – this exhibition explores the fine line between the local and the universal, and between the emotional sphere and the political one.

The exhibited works offer the spectator a glimpse to exotic and primordial landscapes, but a closer look reveals expressions of violence and obsession, and the feeling of an impending catastrophe.

The artists approach the Israeli landscape from a desire to touch sublime and religious aspects. However, in all the artworks, there is a subconscious recognition that acknowledges the land as being a battlefront, a territory of struggle and war – be it cultural, religious, or political.

The Good Place, Eutopia



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