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Yoav Ben Dov- Language to Matter (14/10/2010 - 10/01/2011)

For two decades, the sculpture, painting, and video works of Yoav Ben Dov have touched the borderline between the Israeli and Jewish localities, as well as the reciprocity between nature and culture.

For Ben Dov, the present exhibition marks two decades of searching for a place and of creating a language through material. In this exhibition, Ben Dov suggests his interpretations of the Israeli existence by using the language of material, and challenges the current Israeli mentality that is characterized by culture becoming a non-culture, the non-culture becomes dominant  on the road (car accidents), on the street (violence and knifing), and in government (physical and moral corruption).

Language is the basis of every human culture as well as the foundation of every artistic creation. The language in which Ben Dov speaks is the Hebrew language that is connected to tradition and Jewish sources (not necessarily the religious ones). For Ben Dov, our culture is deeply rooted in the Bible, the Book of Books, the vision of the kings and the speeches of the prophets, and it is a sort of cultural operating instructions for the way we should be living, here and now. The Hebrew culture forms the. Hebrew culture forms the cultural infrastructure of every culture, whatever it might be, determining principles of moral and good manners.

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