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Albert Goldman


Original Works
120.00 $


Born in 1922 to a family of well-known hoteliers in Egypt. Goldman began to paint at the age of 8 in his spare time alongside the luxurious hotel career he had until 1980 and since then dedicated all his time to painting. He began his art studies with Italian and Greek artists in Alexandria, and later studied art with Avraham Yaskil, Zvi Meirovitch and Moshe Propes. Goldman died in 2011.
In his paintings, Goldman combines a wide range of colors that blend perfectly with each other. His paintings are arranged in layers and layers, thus giving the viewer a sense of dynamism and depth. The topics dealt with by Goldman are mostly the landscapes of Israel, the olive trees, Jerusalem and the Galilee.

Further Reading

1936 Art with Italian and Greek artists at the “Atelier”, in Alexandria, Egypt;
1956 with Avraham Yaskiel and Meyerovitch, Haifa
1956 with Moshe Propes, Tel Aviv.

1983 teaching art

Awards And Prizes
1983 Bnai Brith Prize, Dan region
1990 Certificate of Registration in the Golden Book of Keren Kayemet LeIsrael