Erez Rota Sisoka


Original Works
Desert Drawing
750.00 $


born in 1955 in Tel Aviv. a graduate of Bat Yam Art Institution and Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem.
After his army service, Sisoka moved to the agricultural settlement of Bekaot in the Jordan valley. Several years later he moved to central Europe, where he designed and erected exhibitions for trade fairs.
Sisoka’s oeuvre, mainly sculptures and paintings, represents the dialogue between Israeli landscape and heritage- the myths, symbols and ideology. Also, his work connects between the spectator and the environment in which the object is exhibited, where a narrative is being entwined with the place and the spectator.

Sisoka’s world view is rooted in environmental and ecological life, articulated in cooperation and educational projects dealing with environmental rehabilitation, art workshops and studies for environmental awerness.

Today he works and lives in the Negev, where he grows grapes and makes wine, as well as painting and creating.

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