Hagai Argov


Original Works
Double Orange Portrait (Diptych)
2,800.00 $


Born in Haifa, Israel 1961, a graduate of Beit Berl “Hamidrasha” art academy. He was head guide at the Bat Yam Museum and art critic for the newspaper, ”Arim” (Cities), Rishon Le Zion, where he lived.

Hagai Argov’s painting summons the viewer to a discussion about life, about the essence of the action of art, about history and objects. His artistic process is a complicated one. Its starts outside, in the street, by approaching a discarded object, an object that has lost its original goal, and adopting it. Argov’s works are usually defiend by very monochromatic tones from turbid to phosphoric colorfulness . His shapes may start as a landscape and continue to evolve into a loose abstract shape.

Argov’s works deal with the casual and the banal while creating a complicated ambivalent system about the subject. There is a feeling that the painting and the medium has been disturbed and out of the internal chaos something new is born, elusive in plain sight, a secret wishing to be told but is being blocked, revealing and vanishing.

“Landscape is Like a Spring- Board, an EngineThat Warms Up for a Drive”. – Effi Gen

Further Reading

High School, near the Technion, Department of architecture
1984-1987 “HaMidrasha” Art Academy, Beit Berl

Art Studio Ramat Eliahu, Rishon Le Zion.

Featured Exhibitions
2006 Communication
2015 Daily Fairytale