Proper Disclosure

Past Exhibition

29.7.2004 - 27.8.2004

Proper discloser is an exhibition by six artists some of whom have already participated in various exhibitions, while for others this is their first public showing. Ronny Taharlev is exhibiting figurative paintings; Eilat Adar meditative paintings; Guy Korenhouser expressive paintings; Eitan Amir Jewish-mystic paintings; Ayelet Avni three-dimensional paintings in clay and David Harel symbolic paintings.

Each artist was assigned one of the gallery walls, so that the visitor can view a varied exhibition. The common denominator of the works is their perspective on current times. The works on show can be called by various names – framed objects, two and three dimensional works, and so on, but they are all paintings. Each of the artists takes us on a different and fascinating journey to their natural or recruited environment for one purpose – to create an experience.

Roni Taharlev exhibits pure and wholesome pictures of her daughters during their mundane lives. The light and depth of expression in the works enhance the sense of a child-woman seeking to find her own presence and place in the world.

Eilat Adar is a meditative artist. She depicts landscapes and animals. Like in classic painting, the in-depth observation beyond the expanses of color allows one to sense for a moment that all has vanished, however when you reopen your eyes the painting is still there leaving you with a sense of dreamy hovering, reminiscent of the Indian mandala drawings where the energies flow into the painting as it is being made, followed by a sense of everything flying into the wind and space, where it belongs.

Guy Korenhouser who is a dancer and actor as well as a painter, takes us to his whereabouts, to places where the audience comes to the theater and sees the entire picture, but who sees the individual? In reality the actor is alone on the stage, his feelings and depressions are with him alone. Guy’s paintings are expressive, sending the viewers to the world of theatrical shadows. Can the phantom dance?


Eitan Amir paints contemporary icons. His paintings illustrate the secret, whether it is angels of peace or the queens of fertility, the map of the ten tribes or the sling of souls. Judaism never encouraged dealing with its innards through plastic arts. Eitan Amir opens a window to the secrets through his art. He offers the viewpoint of a Jew looking inwards and personifying matters that represent absolute abstract. This act designs and depicts Jewish icons that deal with the secret and the implicit.

Ayelet Avni paints on clay. She loves clay and loves painting. With a unique combination she paints on clay she has flattened to a thin surface. She paints and fires – paints images, portraits or plants, complete scenes or landscapes. When looking at her works one wonders whether they are on canvas or paper, or perhaps plaster. What is special about these works is that by being painted on clay or porcelain which is fired after being painted, with the result being a painting on delicate paper like clay, but which is actually a hard material.

David Harel uses a computer for his creations. He designs symbols, scans them, prints them and then paints over them. His work process is different to the usual graphic design process where one takes a symbol, processes it and creates agreed signs compatible with the new language of computers, Internet, cellular telephones, etc. This language is created through the design of new symbols that express developing needs in the technological environment. David Harel tries to speak to us in a sign language. Will we be able to understand the signs, will we accept them into our new language?

Gavriel Engel.