Galit & Jan

Past Exhibition

30.6.2006 - 28.7.2006

Jan Rauchwerger and Galit Rauchwerger, artists, a man and his wife, the 4th of the Couples Exhibitions.
Jan in his painting, Galit presents photography and engraving and both, each in their own way, taking a look at their world and the question of artistic influence dwarfs itself.
“The painter’s passion in which gives everything the right to be painted”
(Tali Tamir: Praise of Intimacy, in the catalog that accompanied Jan’s exhibition at the Israel Museum in 2004).

Jan is a painter of intimacy – I work with my world which is a painting. I choose the woman I live with, that I would like to paint …… that interests me.
Galit photographs up close, the house is always present, even the view of the street seems to be directed out of the house, out the window.
“The influence of Jan, who was already a well-known artist when we met, is not in art, it is in the art of art. Jan for me is home.”

Jan and Galit’s works bring to the gallery their sense of intimacy as it is, not as documentation – intimacy free of information,
It’s all a feeling.
The video work – the “meal” brings the views of the two into a common frame and leaves us in the position of the viewer.
– – –
Press here to see a short video about the exhibition (Hebrew)