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Spring Gathering

Past Exhibition

30.03.2023 - 28.04.2023

A Special group exhibition for Pessach 2023, gathering together powerful Israeli masters like Reuven Rubin and Avigdor Arikha with innovative contemporary pop artists like Eliyahou Eric Bokobza and Shlomo Blazer.

The Exhibition is comprised of two major parts which we found encapsulate the popular essence of Jerusalem: Jewish Portraiture and Landscapes.
The first Part – Jewish Portraiture, delves into the faces of the city (so to speak) through the artists interpretations. Reuven Rubin is alongside Eliyahou Eric Bokobza with Father & Son portraits during religious ceremonies in Rubin’s Peace Offering and Bokobza’s Yom Kipur. Next to them is a compositional installation by husband and wife Itay & Emi Gabay. The center and subject of their art works – The Rabbi From Lubavitch, The leader of the Chabad movement. Itay’s portraits of the Rabbi are complex in their simplicity, using assorted techniques in his mediums like ash, raw pigments and chalk. Emi embroiders sayings of The Rabbi on fabric as if carving words into stone.

The second part marvels at the beauty and strength of the landscapes of Jerusalem. One next to the other are: Yoav Ben Dov’s incredible Jerusalem of Gold made entirely of gold leaves on canvas, Mordechai Ardon’s Jerusalem Hills (Ein Karem) profiling the intricate details of the city nestled in between the mountains, Avigdor Arikha’s serene Motza Slopes captures the quiet sounds of the Judean landscape, and lastly the bountiful expression of Leon Engelsberg’s Yemin Moshe in a European post modern style through the Levant-ian light.
Next to the collection of landscapes is Meidad Landoy’s impressions from the Israel Museum, painted from sketches taken by the artist, drawn on site at Israel museum International modern collection. Next to a sleepy guard are landscapes of classical europe, most notably Van Gogh’s golden wheat fields. Landoy is an observer in many ways all at once, both physically in the museum, viewing and learning from the masters, and at the same time focusing on the moment with it’s light and compositions. also, in a more meta way, Landoy is also seen as an observer in the landscape part of this exhibition, looking from the pillar at the rest of the artists, drawing his impressions.

Popular art connects art history with daily occurrences, the mundane meets the fantastical through the mediums. this is the true power of art!